Past Events – open

Below are past events for which we still have medals available.

If you would like to participate to win a particular medal for a run that has already taken place, please contact us to arrange participation before placing any order – thank you.  

Virtual Warrior 10km

OUR FIRST EVER EVENT originally run in September 2016. You will run for at least 10km in one go.

Breast Cancer Awareness 5km

Originally run in October 2016. You will need to cover at least 5km for this medal.

Mother’s Day 5km

Originally run for mothers across the UK in March 2017.

Star Challenge R2R

This was our April 2017 event; participants can run any distance dressed as their favourite rock star.

BOL 10k to Testicular Cancer

Two options for this event; you can either do a simple 10km run/walk, or you can show us your balls!!

Good vs Evil Challenge

16km for those of you that want to be Good, a more challenging 33km if you’re of a more Evil nature! Warrior Kids can run 2km for Optimus or 5km for Megatron.

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