Warrior Galleries

Take a selfie with your medal and post it on one of our social media sites; we’d love to include you in our Warrior Galleries!

Latest photos

March 2017: Mother’s Day 5km & The Centurion 100km

Kid Crusaders 2km, February 2017

The Night Howler 20km, January 2017

Wrapped up warm at 1.30am – a group of us turned out to surprise a true warrior called Helen who is an amputee; it was a pleasure to join her for the 20km, and to present her with her medal personally.

More Night Howlers

Amber’s Awareness for Batten Disease 5km, December 2016

Remembrance Day 5km, October 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness 5km, October 2016

Our first run, Virtual Warrior 10km, September 2016

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