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Leon Nash
Brad & Leon Nash with Adam & Holly
Brad Nash


A bit about me. During my teenage years, I was lucky enough to travel the country representing my swimming club as well as being a very talented footballer.  Then at the age of 17, I moved away from my home town of Nuneaton with my family and began a new chapter in Bournemouth. Unfortunately, I never continued with my sports and soon began to put on weight and lose the fitness levels I had built up during my teenage years.

I have had many jobs but none has been as rewarding as my current post as the Head of Year 11 at a large school in Bournemouth, where I have the privilege of working with and learning from my brother, Brad.

Brad is responsible for getting me back on the right track; he could see that I was too unfit to join in the games my two children, Adam and Holly, wanted to play as I would easily get out of breath. He bought me a ticket for the hardcore 10km ‘Wild Running’ race’ known as The Wolf Run. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I was soon booking my next event. I decided as I crossed the finish line that I needed to get fit if I was continue on my new chosen path.

Since 2014, through sheer determination, dedication and with the support of my family, friends and the Mutts Nutts running team, I have lost 2 stone! But I still have a long way to go …

At Virtual Warrior, we want you to continue on your personal journey, no matter your fitness level! We will have a challenge suitable for everyone and we will push and support you all the way.  Please feel free to send us your success stories.

I have found my new inner warrior spirit, let us help you find yours!

My journey to fitness


Hello all and thank you for browsing our website. My brother has already introduced himself so now it’s ‘little brothers” turn!

Since a very young age my competitive streak and passion for all things sporting was obvious. I represented at county level in swimming and athletics before finding my real area of strength on the rugby field at around 12 years old.

Rugby and the associated health and fitness regime quickly became a massive part of my life and my dedication and commitment to my performance gave me a firm position in the national leagues. Unfortunately, a badly fractured leg devastated what could have been a successful career in the game.

Forever adaptable and with a relentless drive to get back into something that kept me fit I turned to kitesurfing and surfing as my new arena, two sports that allow me the privilege travelling the world to exploit some of the best conditions Mother Nature has to offer. 

I have had the honour of working alongside some of the fittest and most courageous people in the armed forces and now find my passion in working on the south coast of England alongside my brother, teaching maths at the same Bournemouth school, and stomping the hills and beaches at the weekends. 

I have reaped the benefits of an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally, but my proudest experience to date has been watching and running with my brother for whom fitness was not a natural pastime. He is living proof that anybody can create change in themselves regardless of age or starting point. I have had access to professional coaches, nutritionists and other specialists in the industry, but none has been more inspirational or educational than him. My new and unexpected idol. 

We are sure that virtualwarriors.co.uk will provide you with the inspiration to reach your next fitness target, whatever or however large or small that is. We are impassioned to create a thriving virtual running community who’s strength comes from the support given by all involved – and that includes you!

Whatever your fitness targets, and wherever you are on this massively exciting journey, proceed with strength, faith, fun and belief in yourself. For this is the way of the warrior.

Wishing you all the best for a successful today and even more successful tomorrow. 

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