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During our time online we donated 20% of all profits from each race to help support a variety of different UK charities and foundations, large and small. Everyone who ever ran a Virtual Warrior Race helped, thank you!

Our first ever virtual event was the Virtual Warrior 10km in September 2016, which raised an amazing £695 for Children with Cancer UK.

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Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

 Almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. The charity aims to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

£695 raised with our first ever event in September 2016!

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Cancer Research UK

The world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research.

Cancer Research UK has saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and survival has doubled over the past 40 years. The charity receives no government funding for their research; their life-saving work relies on donations.

£38 raised in October 2016 – Breast Cancer Awareness event

The Royal British Legion

Providing lifelong support for the Armed Forces community.

The Legion was founded by veterans after the First World War. A century on from the start of that conflict, they’re still helping today’s Service men and women, veterans, and their families in almost every aspect of daily life. They also champion Remembrance, safeguarding the memory of those who have given their lives for our freedom.

£80 raised in November 2016 – Remembrance Day event

Virtual Warrior raises money for Battens Disease


Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA)

Batten is a devastating, life-limiting neurodegenerative disease.

There is currently no cure for Batten Disease, so the BDFA put their efforts into supporting families affected by the disease, raising awareness and funding future research to identify potential therapies and ultimately a cure.

£65 raised in December 2016 – Amber’s Awareness for Batten Disease event

Virtual Warrior raises money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity


Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity aims to enhance the Hospital’s ability to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young people. They do this by providing funds to help modernise clinical facilities, equipment and accommodation, for child, family and staff support projects, and for vital research into rare and complex conditions. 

£131 raised in January 2017 – The Night Howler 20km event

Kicks Count



A baby’s movements indicate its wellbeing. By understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts, enjoy their pregnancy and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby. Kicks Count is a UK registered charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy.

 £54.55 raised in March 2017 – Mother’s Day 5km event



Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting the beareaved children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Inspired by the experience of Army widow Nikki Scott, the charity honours husband Corporal Lee Scott’s memory – both as a loyal soldier and a loving father – and provides a practical yet personal way for the public at large to show their appreciation. Support offered to the children includes fun activities such as holiday breaks and group events, personal development assistance through educational grants and access to professional bereavement counselling.

£181 raised in February 2017 – Kid Crusaders 2km event



Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the UK’s leading Veterans’ mental health charity. Mental ill-health affects ex-Service men and women of all ages. Right now, Combat Stress are supporting over 5,900 Veterans aged from 19 to 97. They are a vital lifeline for these men and women, and their families, providing treatment and support – always free of charge.

 £118 raised in March 2017 – The Centurion 100km event




Ballboys is a charity that raises awareness and educates the population (not just the guys) on the facts, figures and issues of testicular cancer.

Almost 50% of cases are men under 35 but it is one of the most treatable and curable cancers if detected early.

 £66.25 raised in May 2017 – The BOL 10K to Testicular Cancer event

Young Minds



The voice for young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Driven by young people’s experiences Young Minds campaign, research and influence policy and practice. They provide expert knowledge to professionals, parents and young people through our Parents’ Helpline, online resources, training and development, outreach work and publications. The charity also runs HeadMeds, a website about mental health medication, giving young people accessible, down-to-earth information on the subject.

 £37 raised in June 2017 – The Good vs Evil Challenge

Guide Dogs UK



Enabling blind or partially sighted people to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Guide Dogs UK) delivers a world class guide dog service as part of a range of mobility services, and works to break down barriers to ensure people who are blind and partially sighted can get out and about on their own terms.

£90.30 raised in July 2017 – Guide Dog 32.5km Challenge

Hand on Heart



August 2017 – Mini Warrior Triathlon

Funding defribillators for schools, the Hand on Heart Charity has a simple goal; to prevent the deaths of the 12 young people who die each week due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Since January 2011 the charity has placed over 800 defibrillator packages to schools and communities across the UK. They have also trained over 5000 staff to use a defibrillator and taught over 17000 children how to perform on basic life support.

Beating Bowel Cancer



Survival rates for bowel cancer are lower in the UK than in many other European countries. Positive improvements are happening all the time in bowel cancer diagnosis, treatment and care. But more needs to be done.

Beating Bowel Cancer is the support and campaigning charity for everyone affected by bowel cancer, providing practical and emotional support, bringing people together to share experiences, promoting early diagnosis and campaigning for the highest quality treatment and care for patients.

£37.75 raised in September 2017 – The Samurai

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice


October 2017 – The Jester 15km

Zoë’s Place was founded in 1995 and provides palliative, respite and end of life care to babies and infants aged from birth to 5 years suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

The staff at Zoë’s Place provide care and support 24 hours a day for both the child and family, at hospices in Coventry, Liverpool and Middlesborough, offering parents and carers a chance to recharge their batteries or to spend time with their other children.

Zoë is the Greek word meaning ‘Gift of Life’. 



In recognition of their service to the Nation, SSAFA works to ensure that the needs of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families are met in an appropriate and timely way, relieving suffering and and showing empathy to those in distress.

Originally known as the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association (SSFA) SSAFA was formed more than 130 years ago, making it the UK’s oldest national Armed Forces charity. Following the founding of the Royal Air Force in 1918, the charity’s president, Queen Alexandra, suggested the organisation should change it’s name to the Soldiers’, Sailors’ & Airmen’s Families Association (SSAFA). Prince Michael of Kent became fourth president in 1982 and remains in that role today.

£93 raised in November 2017 – Remembrance Day 10km




Year Long Challenge

Leukaemia Educating and Fundraising (LEAF) is a Dorset-based charity, founded in 2006 from Natasha Hunt’s hospital bed after she was diagnosed with Leukaemia just 3 weeks after giving birth to her second son.

After 6 months of chemotherapy and being kept in isolation for most of this time, Natasha was determined to bring something positive out of her experience by supporting others that have been diagnosed with this disease … so Leaf was born. The charity supports blood cancer patients and families in Dorset & Hampshire.

Sponsor a Sibling


January 2018 – Night Howler II 30km

Sponsor a Sibling was founded in September 2016 by Laura, mum to Joshua, and his younger brother Harry who has a neurodegenerative life-limiting condition. The charity aims to make siblings of life-limited or life-threatened children smile, and to bring comfort to bereaved siblings.

To date they have supplied numerous siblings with a selection of gift bundles, and have delivered special keepsake teddy bear packs for bereaved siblings, including a bear for every sibling in the family including the child that has passed away. They have also recently purchased small urns to include if there is a wish for them, which was suggested by one of their families.

The charity is run purely by volunteers and 100% of funds raised goes towards the benefit of the siblings.

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