Good vs Evil Challenge


16km for those of you that want to be Good, a more challenging 33km if you’re of a more Evil nature!

Warrior Kids can run 2km for Optimus or 5km for Megatron. 

If you can’t decide whether good or evil should prevail children & adults can sign up for both, but you’ll need to cover both distances within the month. 

Bling still available to be won!

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Young Minds

For this event, we will be donating 20% of profits to a great little charity called Young Minds – the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

If you are unable to decide whether you’d like to race for good or evil, you can sign up for both but you’ll need to cover both distances with a month! We’re not letting you know until the time comes exactly what distance you need to cover, but each of them will be double figures!

Your reward for completion of this challenge is a high quality 60mm enamelled Virtual Warrior medal. The medal hangs on a blue & red woven ribbon printed with the race name.


Additional information

Your choices

Adult race for Good (16km), Adult race for Evil (33km), Adult race for both (49km), Child run for Optimus (2km), Child run for Megatron (5km), Child run for both (7km)!

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