The Centurion 100km


Will you be one of the select few to become a “Centurion”?

To complete this challenge, you must run or walk 100km over the period of a month! This will push you mentally and physically. Do you have what it takes to go out in all weather conditions when all you want to do is stay indoors where it’s warm? That IS NOT the attitude of a Centurion!

Bling still available to be won!

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Soldiers are suffering as a result of protecting us; they need our help, so for this challenge we will be supporting Combat Stress.

When providing your evidence, please take a screen shot of your monthly total and submit it in the normal fashion. Now get cracking Centurion! You have a challenge ahead!

Your reward for completion of this challenge is a high quality 50mm wide enamelled Virtual Warrior medal on a red woven ribbon printed with the race logo and name.


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