The Samurai 15km


Welcome to The Samurai! This is a 15km event which has to be completed in one run.  And you must choose one of the extra challenges to take on during your run (see the description area below for option details). There is also a child’s option for our younger runners.

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*Additional Challenges. How hard will you push yourself? 

  1. Carry a weighted backpack for at least 7.5km of the distance
  2. Include hills in your run
  3. Run off road and involve man-made obstacles, e.g. water, trees, logs, maybe a rope swing!
  4. Do 30 burpees for every 5km you run
  5. Complete 5 circuits of a kids park or exercise course, each circuit to include monkey bars, 10 x bench jumps and 5 pull-ups
  6. I am a child. I will run/walk at least 5km (park run distance for example) and attempt 10 push ups at the start or end of my run

Beating Bowel Cancer

By competing in The Samurai you help Beating Bowel Cancer, a charity that supports and campaigns for everyone affected by bowel cancer. We will donate 20% of the profits from this challenge.

Your reward for completion of this challenge is a high quality 60mm* enamelled Virtual Warrior medal – and the chance to win all our prizes!

The medal is supplied on a black woven ribbon printed with the race name. But as we’ve had feedback from our runners that they would like to display their medals in different ways, this medal is also designed as a bottle opener, and comes with a metal attachment to use as a keyring.


Please note: for child protection purposes, please do not submit photos of your child swimming, either with your evidence or on our social media pages. Thank you.

* Larger medals! We have regrettably had to increase our entry fee from £10 to £12 for races from June onwards; the sinking pound has finally caught up with our medal manufacturers. But as the cost of metal remains unaffected we took the opportunity to increase the size a little, so we are sure you’ll agree they still offer great value for money!

Additional information

Additional challenge*

1. Carry a weighted backpack for at least 7.5km, 2. Include hills in your run, 3. Run off road involving man made obstacles, 4. Do 30 burpees for every 5km, 5. Complete 5 exercise circuits, 6. I am a child (5km + 10 push ups)

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